Elsa + left-handed

Some studies have found that left-handed people tend to be more vulnerable to negative emotions such as depression and anger. They are more prone to fear. Their brain hemispheres have more symmetry than right-handed people, which explains why their skills are most randomized and less specified to either side of the brain.

So, how is this relevant to Elsa, you may ask? These facts more or less support the intense fear that Elsa experienced when Anna was hurt and when the prophecy was revealed to her—which led her to a life of isolation and loneliness. Elsa’s love and instinctive nature to protect Anna had made this even more difficult for her and this, in turn, had worsened her fear. Note that fear isn’t good for Elsa for this will only make her power uncontrollable and dangerous. It was also observed that Elsa’s susceptibility to experience fear had made her quick to anger when she was threatened.

This, and the other little details that were put into the film, have made me love the movie a whole lot more.

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He is my son, my first son.

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I just wanna do cute things with you like crush the patriarchy, fight for gender equality and help to destroy racism

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In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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inspired by (x) and (x)

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- everyone

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walking to the side of pokemon trainers and talking to them first so you feel in control

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First of all HOW DARE YOU

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“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”


“This season she’ll get even more ballsy. In a lot of TV shows out there, the women are the weak ones and the men are the strong ones. In this show it flips – you see the women being the ones that you don’t really want to meddle with. Sansa’s one of the most intelligent characters on the show. She’s been plotting it all in her head from day one. She’s the dark horse.”

Sophie Turner for YOU Magazine (March 2014 [x])

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